Need to Setup Your Email Marketing, But Don't Want to Do It Yourself?

Hi, I'm Jon!

I've been in the Online Business world since 2012, running multiple websites and several email campaigns.

I'm very familiar with how to setup an email marketing platform and how to connect it with your opt-in forms and email sequences.

If this kind of tech is something you need, but don't want to do yourself, I have good news...  I can help you!

How I Can Help You

In order to grow your business, you'll need to build an email list.  The people on your email list will be your main leads for your business.

But, you need a way to get them onto your list in the first place.  To do that, most people will create an opt-in page to direct people to.  Once on your opt-in page, people can signup to be on your list via the form on that page.  Then, once they signup, they will become a lead for your business.

So, what can I do to help you with that?

I can help you build all of it, following the steps below...

Step 1:  Signup for an Email Marketing Provider

We'll start by getting you setup with the email marketing provider I use and recommend...  ConvertKit!

Competitively priced and well known, ConvertKit offers an excellent value proposition for those who are just getting started with email marketing.

You can signup for their service on your own, or I can help you with it, if you'd prefer.

Step 2:  Create Your Opt-in Page

One of the many things I love about ConvertKit is that they have pre-designed opt-in templates that are perfect for list building.

Under your direction, we'll choose the right template for you.  Then, using your pictures and copy, I'll take the starter template ConvertKit provides and modify it to fit your business.

This is where you'll benefit from my personal experience!  I've been building opt-in pages for years and know what a high converting opt-in page looks like.

Step 3:  Connect Up Your Opt-in Page

This is one of the more technical aspects of the puzzle.

I'll go ahead and connect up the form on your opt-in page to your email list.  That way, when someone clicks the button to join your list, the behind-the-scenes technical connection will occur and your new lead will be added to your list.

And, we'll make sure they receive a welcome email.  That email will let them know they made a smart choice to learn more about you and your business!

During this step, we'll also discuss what data you want to collect (when someone signs up) and if you want to apply any special tags to your new leads.

That way you'll be able to segment people on your list accordingly, if you want to.

Step 4:  Setup Your Email Sequence

Once you have someone on your email list, you'll want to send them emails.

Most people setup an email sequence to do this.  What that means is that we'll setup a series of pre-written emails that will get sent out automatically, at pre-determined times.  Each person on your list will receive your emails automatically, in the sequence you determine.

Example:  Send out one email per day for seven days, educating your leads about your service.  Then, send out one email per day for three days, pitching your service to them.

This is just one example.  Under your direction we'll discuss what's right for your business and I'll get your email sequence setup so it's exacly how you want.

Important:  You know your business and potential customers the best.  Given that, you will need to provide the email content for your sequences.  I'll make sure that your emails (with your content) get setup to go out correctly.

Step 5:  Moving Forward

Once we have everything setup, I'll walk you through what you need to know to move forward on your own.

I'll make sure you know how to send out an ad-hoc broadcast email to your list whenever you want.

And, I'll teach you the basics of maintaining your list, including removing cold subscribers (they affect your open rates).

I'll also be sure to spend time with you, answering your questions so you feel comfortable with what I've done.

OK...  This sounds interesting to me.  So what exactly are you offering?

Introducing my "Email Marketing Jump Start" package.

Let me help you jump start your email marketing so that you can focus on building your business.

What you get

  • ConvertKit Account Setup
  • Creation and Setup of 1 Opt-in Page
  • Email List and Opt-in Page Integration
  • Email Sequence Setup for 1 Campaign
  • List Maintenace Instructions and Q&A

Want Some Bonuses?

When you purchase Email Marketing Jump Start you'll also get a mini email marketing course as a bonus.  Inside the course, you'll get three lessons.  Each text based lesson will take you more in-depth into the art of email marketing.


Email Marketing 101

Learn the fundamentals of Email Marketing and the laws and regulations that are required to be followed.


The Value of Having an Email List

Discover the value your email list will bring to your potential customers and the importance of your list versus social media.


The In-Depth Guide to List Building

Uncover the eight steps to follow when building your list and the nine important guidelines for your welcome sequence emails.


Do I need to have a website to do this?

If you already have a website, we can publish your opt-in page right on your site.  If you don't already have a website, your opt-in pages can be hosted directly by ConvertKit.  Either way works just fine.

With that said, if your website is not build on WordPress, you'll need to publish your opt-in page on your site on your own.  I don't have experience with the other platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Blogger, etc.

What if I'm not good at writing emails?

You know your customer better than anyone and how to speak to them.  With that said, I'll be happy to provide some coaching on writing good email copy.  I'll take a look at the emails you write and offer some copywriting guidance.  I can also suggest some copywriting resources for you to take a look at.

Where can I learn more about you?

I have two main websites that I run and do email marketing with.  One is called Honest Wine Reviews and the other is this site, Online Business Ambitions.  Please feel free to browse through the sites, check out some of my opt-ins and even signup for my email lists, if you'd like.

Online Business Ambitions / About Page

Honest Wine Reviews / About Page

Do I have to use ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is the platform that I have the most experience with.  I wouldn't feel comfortable taking your money and working on another platform I'm not familiar with.  In a case like that, you'd be paying me to learn and that wouldn't be a good use of your money.  Plus, ConvertKit is extremely popular and one of the easiest platforms to use.

Also, I'd like to point out that although ConvertKit offers a free plan, that plan doesn't allow you to do automated sequences and funnels.  Their "Creator" plan does and that's their less expensive paid plan that I use and recommend.  It's also the one you'll need if you want to send out an email sequence to your potential customers.

Important:  Purchasing a plan with ConvertKit is not part of the cost of this package.  You'll need to purchase a plan with them separately.

What happens when I click the Buy Now button?

When you click on the Buy Now button you'll see the checkout cart where you'll enter your info to make your purchase.  You'll also see a link to the Terms of Use at the bottom of the checkout page.  Please be sure to take a look at that, as it covers the Services Agreement between you and I regarding this package.  You can also see that same Services Agreement at the bottom of this page.

If you choose to buy, your secure purchase will occur on the Teachable platform.  Teachable is a well-known online learning platform for delivering services and courses, in use by over 100,000 online business owners like myself.

After completing your purchase, the Services Agreement will immediately go into effect.  You'll be prompted to create your account on Teachable with an email address and password.

After doing so, you'll receive an email from Teachable to confirm your account email.  Be sure to confirm.

Then after a few minutes you'll receive a receipt from Teachable for your purchase and I'll receive a notification that you've made a purchase.  And shortly thereafter, I will be in touch with you to begin work.

You'll also get immediate access to the three bonus lessons inside my Email Marketing Jump Start course and services package as part of my Online Business Ambitions Academy "School" on Teachable.

Have Questions First?

Totally understandable...  Let me know what's on your mind by getting in touch below.

Ready to Get Started?

Let's get your email marketing setup and ready to go!  Get the Email Marketing Jump Start package plus the BONUS mini-course now. 

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