10 Inspiring Reasons to Start an Online Business in 2024

Reasons to Start an Online Business

If you’ve been debating whether or not to start an online business, you’re not alone.

With the advances in technology and the internet, starting an online business has become easier and less costly.

But, if you still need some convincing, in this article you’ll discover ten reasons why there’s no better time than now to get started.

Ten Reasons to Start an Online Business!

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Now, there’s certainly more than ten reasons to get started, but let’s cover some of the most common (and most inspiring!) reasons.

I think my favorite is #10…  But let’s start from the top.

1.  You Can Work from Anywhere

Many people call this “geographical freedom” which means you can work on your online business from just about anywhere.

Of course, you’ll need to have internet connectivity, hosting for your online business and probably a laptop.  Or maybe a tablet or phone is all you’ll need.

But, you won’t be constrained to a desk job (like in the corporate world) where you can only work from your assigned desk.

Combining Work and Travel

Let’s say you like to travel…

Since you’re not constrained to a desk, there’s nothing stopping you from traveling from destination to destination while still working on your business.

As a matter of fact, there’s plenty of travel bloggers who do this full time and make their travel the focal point of their business.

Regardless of where you choose to work, an online business gives you a lot of flexibility to work where you want.

And when you want, which leads us to the next reason…

2.  You Can Make Your Own Schedule

No more 9 to 5!

Unless that’s what you like, of course.

Often times when you’re working for someone else, you’re expected to start work at a certain time, work for a certain length of time and then head home.

However, when you start your own online business, you’re in charge of when you work.

So, if you have kids and you want the flexibility to work around their’s (or their school’s) schedule, you can do that!

Or maybe you’re just not a morning person and you do your best work at night.

Or maybe you prefer to break up your work throughout the day.

With your own business, you’ll have the flexibility to work when you want.

One of my favorites is being able to run errands during the morning, when everyone else is at work.  So much easier (and quicker)!

3.  You’re the Boss

Now this can be both a blessing and a curse.

You see, as the business owner you are the boss.

Which means you don’t have someone telling you what to do or how to do it!

But, that also means you’ll need to be responsible for everything, including your own direction.

If you’re not the type of person who’s good at self-management, then you might find being your own boss a challenge.

But, the good news is that over time you’ll learn to be more and more self-directed as you gain experience in the online business world.

4.  Creative Freedom

Have you ever been at your job and said, “I can’t believe they’re making us do things this way.  I would do this completely different if it were up to me!”

Well, with your own business it IS up to you.  You have the creative freedom to do what you want.

If a problem comes up, you have full control to come up with the best solution.

And if there’s something new you want to create, no one is going to stop you from using your own creativity.

This is actually one of the things about online business that I personally find most liberating.

I bet you will too!

5.  Reduced Vehicle Expenses

I didn’t really think about this one much when I first got started.

But as time went on I realized I was spending much less money on gas and car expenses.

And on top of that, since I wasn’t putting nearly as many miles on my car, I discovered I’m able to keep cars longer.

We all know how expensive cars have become!

So, when you’re making your decision about whether or not you want to start an online business, don’t forget this reason.

6.  You Can Create Your Own Work Environment

One thing that used to drive me nuts in the corporate world was being stuck in a boring cubical, in the middle of an open floor plan office space.

And of course there’s that one person nearby who insists on using their speakerphone all the time.

Buddy, I really have no desire to hear both sides of all your phone conversations at full volume…  Nor does anyone else, I promise you!

Fortunately, when you’re operating your own online business, you get to create your own work environment.

Maybe that means working next to a window.

Maybe that means working from your dining room table.

Or, maybe that means cranking up your speakerphone and talking to people at full volume.  😉

Regardless, you get to design your work environment for what bests suits you.  You’re the boss, after all!

7.  Less Exposure to Germs

After leaving the corporate world to do my own thing, I had another realization…

I stopped getting sick twice a year.  No more viruses and no more sinus infections, at least not from co-workers.

There’s a sad reality in the corporate world that when people get sick, they feel the need to “tough it out” and still go into work.

The actual reality is when people do that, they’re really just infecting their co-workers and reducing everyone’s productivity.

For gosh sake, stay home when you’re sick people!

Recently, the world has woken up to realize how bad a virus can be, and has learned how essential it is to social distance when you’re sick.

For those of us who were already working from home on our own businesses, we were already social distancing by default.

If you’re considering becoming an online business owner, give some thought to this.  Less exposure to germs may be more important than you realized.

8.  Reduced Clothing Expenses

This is another one of those reasons you may not have thought about.

Usually when you’re working for someone else and you “go to work” you’re expected to dress a certain way.

If it’s in the business world, then it’s business attire.  If it’s a trade, then there’s often specific clothes you need to wear as well.

When you’re running an online business, you’re not expected to dress a certain way.

Which means you’ll likely not have to buy clothes as often, nor will you need to buy clothes that are as expensive. Heck, if sweatpants are your thing, then go for it!  No one’s judging you.

Wear what makes you comfortable and allows you to do your best work.

9.  Your Income Potential is Up to You

When you work for someone else, especially if it’s for a big company, there’s generally a predefined salary or wage path to follow.

There are salary caps, preset wages for certain tasks and more.

But, with an online business, your income potential is up to you.

You choose the amount of effort you want to put in, and the products and services you want to create.

That, coupled with how the market views your products, determines your income potential.

Also, as you grow and scale, your income potential will grow and scale as well.

10.  You Get to Live Your Dream (Not Someone Else’s)

This one is definitely my favorite.

When you work for someone else, they are the driver of the business and they have the dreams and vision for the company.

But, when you start your own online business, you create the vision for your company.

If you want to dream big, you can.  And in fact, you should, in order to grow and scale.

So, dream big and forge ahead…  Your destiny is that of your own choosing!

Ready to Start an Online Business?

I hope you got inspiration from these ten reasons to start an online business.

If you’re thinking about starting an online business or blog, check out this >> blog post and video on how to take the next step.

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  1. Wow Jon, this is a great content. I love these 10 points you made here especially number 3 and 4. Online business is really profitable if one has the right knowledge to build it.

    I can remember when I started, though it is not always easy at the beginning but you can achieve your dreams if you're consistent. Consistency and patience are some of the keys to online success.

    I'm grabing your free ebook to learn more because I truly love aquiring new knowledge every single day.

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